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The traditional coffee machine, like the ones seen in coffee shops, is generally a scary sight for the Nespresso pod crowd. It turns out that a new machine is bringing the ease of capsule machines and combining that with high-end barista level pizazz.


I have two Nespresso machines, one at home and one on my desk at work. I love the convenience of a machine I can just pop a pod into a get a coffee out.

I do prefer the coffee I get from good coffee shops and many of those also offer to sell their beans but not much I can do with that! I also love the art behind their coffee, I admire the process and craft. My Nespresso experience is really artificial and somewhat lifeless at times, it gets the job done.

I have considered changing from the pods to the beans but after looking into it, was deterred by the amount of work, cleaning, preparation etc. Today however, Breville have advised me this may not still be the case.

This is the world’s first automatic manual coffee machine. Known as the Oracle, this machine from Breville will grind, dose, tamp and texture milk, preparing two truly cafe quality cappuccinos in as little as 90 seconds.

Breville 'the Oracle' BES980 1MB

Upon reading this announcement I had plenty of questions – it sounded like this machine can produce the coffee I see experts do but without any fuss? After a call just this afternoon I can confirm that this machine requires the coffee beans and water to get started. 200 coffees later you will need to run a cleaning solution but otherwise, that is it. It is true, it is as simple as the Nespresso machines but expertly made with fresh ground beans.

Something Breville is also doing is providing a white-glove service for those in metro areas in parts of Australia allowing you to have in house training on using the Oracle. This will help you ensure that your investment in this professional machine is worth your while.

The investment I mention is sizeable though, the Oracle is going to cost you $2,499 – cheaper than hiring a barista right?