We’ve had our battles with access to “Pay Per View” events over the years haven’t we? But this time round, I think Kayo might have nailed this one. So here’s all the info you need to watch the Tyson v Jones Jr fight in Australia.

If you’re the kinda person keen to see a 54 year old man in the ring boxing a 51 year old man, then Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr is just for you.

They are two of the greatest names in boxing for all-time, so when they take to the ring this weekend at the Staples Centre in La – the whole world will be watching!

Here in Australia, this is a Main Event Pay Per View fight.

How do I watch the Tyson vs Jones fight live in Australia?

As a Main Event fight, this one will cost you money up front to watch – as is normally the case with these big events.

The price for the Mike Tyson v Roy Jones Jr fight is $59.95.

Foxtel Viewers

You can order the fight on your Main Event channel, or login online to order. It’s that easy.

Kayo Subscribers

If you’ve got a Kayo Account, simply visit the Kayo PPV Website to add the event to your subscription. Come Sunday, the event will be ready to watch from 1pm.

The cost is the same, at just $59.95.

Don’t have Foxtel or Kayo? Here’s how to watch Tyson v Jones Jr.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and Mike Tyson needs to feed his family – so if you think you’re watching it for free – good luck. Business is business.

But, it’s easier than ever.

Goto Kayo Sports and sign up for the Fight.

You’ll need to enter new account details, you’ll pay $59.95, but on Sunday, using the Kayo app on your Samsung TV, Chromecast from your phone or tablet, your Apple TV or however you choose to do it – the fight card will be ready to watch.

Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll retail access to Kayo until the 4th of December, so you can watch the F1 this weekend:)

Will my card be charged for Kayo every month after the Fight?

Foxtel and Existing Kayo subscribers, nothing changes. This is a one-off purchase.

For those who’ve never had an account before, when you sign up for the Fight on Kayo, you will get a Kayo account.

However, it will automatically deactivate on December 4. So no need to jump back in on the 3rd to cancel it – there is no ongoing monthly charge automatically in place. And, if you choose to try out Kayo in the future, you are still eligible to the 14 Day Trial as a New Kayo customer!

So there you go – all you need to do now is Sign up for this fight!