Life can feel too much at times. Kids, work, keeping up with social media, and so on. The term “retreats” is something blokes will think is just for females, it isn’t and even the guys need a break sometimes.


Gwinganna is a lifestyle retreat based in south east Queensland and looks absolutely stunning. The retreat offers individuals or couples a chance to unwind in an all inclusive package that takes you from stressed and flat to energised and excited.

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat - Infinity Pool (1)

The retreat prides itself on being eco friendly and providing organic meals while also being a retreat which doesn’t seek to help you just while you are there but also after you leave. A recent package available to the public is the Breathe and Relax package which packs your weekend with everything you need to unwind. With the package you will explore the importance of relaxation, practical tips to meditate more easily and ways to use the breath to manage stress and regain emotional balance.

You have access to a range of activities, spa treatments, and delicious organic cuisine. You’ll also sit through health seminars if you choose to, or you can just relax in your Ecotourism certified accommodation.

An all inclusive package like this is the right fit for those who have worked themselves to the bone and need some serious rest and relaxation. A treat for the modern man. It does come at a cost, $980 per person twin share, so make sure you’re ready to not just turn up but truly get involved and absorb all that Gwinganna has to offer.