It’s as tense as Mayweather v Pacquiao, and the battle between Apple and Google for mobile dominance continues across the world. I’ve been watching the monthly market share data coming out of the Kantar Worldpanel Mobile Operating System share reports and there’s been an interesting trend away from Android in Australia.

In February Android market share in Australia declined by 7.9% year on year, with iOS and Windows both up over 4%.

March data released today is indicative because it should include some of the initial sales of the new flagship phones from Samsung and HTC.

In one year, Android market share has fallen 5% with iOS growing 5.3%.

Android is by far and away the most dominant, with 52.3% of the Aussie market, but with so many Android phones across the entire price spectrum it is a surprise to see the share declining.

Without question the rise of iOS is down to the hugely popular iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.  A real leap forward for Apple in both design and specifications, it’s proof that people were waiting for that bigger screen.  This affected Android sales, and when combined with the less successful Samsung Galaxy S5 it was a great year for Apple.

The difference between the February and March figures is the key positive note for Android, with the February figure at 50.6% share threatening a drop below half the market, while in March that clawed back to 52.3%.

Samsung’s impressive design and construction in the Galaxy S6 should help the trend upward, but will it be enough to get back closer to 60%?  Only time will tell.

Australia, Great Britain and the United States all share a love for Apple mobile devices which sees iOS with 30% share or higher, while countries like Germany, China and Italy have a deep love for Android.

Japan is Apple’s best market with a lead over Android, and almost 50% market share.