For someone who reads books you’ve either already made the jump to an eReader or you have a shelf full of books. Reading books is a great thing, reading them on a device that weighs only 180grams and is 7.6mm thing is a whole different experience.


What Do We Like About The Voyage?

Pick up the Voyage and you notice a couple of things immediately, it is extremely light, very thin and shaped in a way that is comfortable to hold. The display can get very bright when you need it to but in full sunlight text is very easy to read and resembles printed paper perfectly. There is only a power button at the back so everything else is touch sensitive. Turning pages and loading books was a very quick and simple process. The Voyage has capabilities to look up words in your book, provide definitions and even highlight areas for reference later.

While not entirely device specific we loved the money saved on book purchases, eBooks are cheaper to buy, quicker to receive and simpler to lend to anyone in the world than a traditional book.

What Don’t We Like About The Voyage?

20150508_125759The mechanism to turn the pages on the Voyage takes some getting used to and could be easier. Each side has an area which can be pressed for going forward or back a page. My natural instinct was to press the left side to go back a page and the right side to go forward a page. This isn’t the case and both functions are on either side enabling you to hold the device with any hand and go front and back in pages without having to put your glass of wine down. We would prefer it if the power button wasn’t hidden at the back either, again, once we knew where it was we were fine but why not make its placement more intuitive?

Should You Buy One?

If you love to read and books are your thing then absolutely – go buy an eReader as soon as possible. You will save shelf space, have access to all your books on one small device and be able to read with the lights off (and not keep others awake). This particular eReader though would be a good choice, there isn’t a lot to fault once you get used to the controls of living with a Kindle. It does cost $299 so it is for someone committed to getting some serious reading done. If you are just a casual reader then now is a good time to consider the previous models from Amazon and score some savings.