But if you’re a lover of greenery, don’t worry – there are now two giant ten meter high walls with over 10,500 plans creating a welcoming space in the “forum” at the back of the all-new Bondi Apple Store.

Well, I say “All new” – the floor isn’t new, nor is the glass at the front, or the stainless steel walls – but pretty much everything inside the guts of the store is brand new.

Here’s what it looked like nine years ago

While the tables may look the same – nope, gone are the Maple wood tables, replaced by Oak. All the phones, iPads, Macs, everything in store has been replaced.

But it’s half way into the store where things start to look different.

Six different “avenues” surround the centre of the store, laying out all the products and accessories from music to photos, to work and more.

Step a bit further in and gone is the Genius Bar, in tune with the new look approach to Apple Stores globally, the Genius Bar is out, and there are now standard tables where an Apple “Genius” will see you – if you’ve made an appointment.

Way down the back, those cute little trees are gone, replaced by an open “Forum” with a huge screen and lots of stools. This is where you can leach the WiFi, but sit around too long and you’ll likely be invited to take part in one of the many “Today at Apple” sessions held there.

Did you know? All Mac screens in an Apple Store are setup to be at a 70 degree angle! This means you are almost forced to touch it and move it to get a look – it’s intentional to get you to interact with the product!

These cover photography, art and many other hobbies as well as basic how to sessions for Apple devices.

I gave an art session a crack – did ok:)

Locals will notice the differences, but for the most part it’s a nine year old store than was due for a refresh and it looks as good as new.

The Store has been closed for a few months, and reopens this Saturday Morning (June 29)