You walk through a hardware store week in week out and see new things every time, but I’m still amazed by some of the items on the market.  This one blew my mind – it’s a three-in-one mega tool which isn’t for everyone, but damn it’s awesome.

Need a crowbar?  Tick

Need a Sledgehammer?  Tick

Need to ram a door in?  Tick.


The Ding Dong from Gerber takes their multi-tool product list to new levels.

This thing weighs 5.55kg and is 68cm long.  It’s built to pry open whatever it is you can’t budge, to smash through a door or bash in a fence post or whatever you need a sledgehammer for.

While you’re thinking “what could I use that for” to justify it to the wife, it’s in the sights of law-enforcement and military personnel mainly because of its versatile use and light-weight.


Yep, a three-in-one you never thought you’d see.

It’s $699 and if you want one jump over to Platypus Outdoors Group – they’ll hook you up.