Since Apple founder Steve Jobs untimely death last year, movie studios have been scrambling to retell the story of his life. And it has just been revealed that the first of two biopics about Jobs has had the title role cast, with Ashton Kutcher claiming the lead.

Jobs will be an independent biopic on the man that founded the world’s most successful technology company. Director Joshua Michael Stern, the man behind Kevin Costner’s Swing Vote (we’ve never heard of it either) will be taking the reins of the film, which will be produced during a production hiatus on Kutcher’s show Two and a Half Men.

In addition to this indie film, Sony has purchased the rights to create a biopic based on the official Walter Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs, although at this stage no casting has been announced.

You have to admit there’s a bit of a resemblance between the two men, although whether the guy from Dude, Where’s my Car can pull off Jobs’ legendary stare is something only time will tell.

Via: Variety