Plenty of small businesses, from shops, home business and tradies probably don’t realise how easy it is to accept payments on-the-go, Payments and PayPal – two P words featuring in our next set of tech tips in our A-Z series in partnership with Officeworks.

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  • PACPCC01AUP. PayPal processing
    Need to process transactions on-the-go? PayPal Tap and Go enabled card reader is specifically engineered for Aussie SMEs needing to accept card payments on-the-go via its PayPal Here app.
  • Q. Quality matters
    Sharing photos for business purposes? Remember potential customers will judge your business on the quality of the photo. You don’t need to invest in a
    professional camera, your smartphone will do just the trick with the latest devices boasting powerful 16MP cameras.
  • R. Record your notes
    Voice recording devices are quite possibly one of the handiest additions to a meeting or presentation. Simply switch the device on and it will transform audio into a digital transcription – allowing you to sit back and take in what’s going on around you.
  • S. Smartphone voice-command
    Lenovo Yoga Tablet

    Lenovo Yoga Tablet

    With 76% of Aussies owning a smartphone2, make sure you take advantage of voice-command features for iPhone and Android with the likes of Siri, Cortana and Google Now. These should be your best friend, given you can set your alarm, send a text or schedule a meeting without lifting a finger.

  • T. Tablet turned notebook
    If the reason you don’t own a tablet is because you prefer typing or writing notes, choose a tablet that comes with a Stylus Pen, which can also be used like a mouse. For SMEs, consider how a tablet can enhance your customers’ retail experience using your chosen payment app, as opposed to a bulky cash register.

The final set of tech tips soon, in the meantime if you have any questions about the tech in your life or your business, get in touch with me or pop into your local Officeworks store!