One thing I love about walking the halls of a technology exhibition is looking for new takes on a very common theme and in the world of Bluetooth speakers there’s not much innovation left to do it seems.  Until I came across the Bamster from Teufel.


German company Teufel have been making audio equipment for over 30 years, but this simple little Bluetooth speaker on show at CES in Asia is a cracker.

It lays quite flat on the desk or table it’s on, with a very heavy solid feel meaning it’s not easy to bump around.


Rather than the rectangular box shape of most Bluetooth speakers the Teufel Bamster is long, rounded and the speaker surface edges up on an angle to project the sound up into the room.

On the right hand side is a large “T” logo which is a button and dial for volume.  The dial also lights up so you can get a visual representation of when you’ve hit maximum volume.


The sound was rich and clear with decent base given how thin the whole unit is.

No word on Australian distributors yet, but this is one of those products that would stand out on the retail shelves so lets hope we see (and hear) it soon.