There are plenty of great docks out there for single devices, desk docks, bedside docks and others. But for a family, or perhaps just a couple, there’s a high likelihood you’ve got multiple devices which makes the All-Dock perfect on so many levels.


I can’t remember when a product has had the reaction on social media that this one has had in the last few days after I first shared photos.

The All-Dock has been around a while, starting life on Kickstarter a couple of years back, raising double the required $40,000 and cementing the product’s future.

Now the All-Dock has an Australian distributor, with an online store at the ready and in-store availability later this year there’s a lot more reasons for Aussies to take interest in the All-Dock.


The one I’ve been testing is the largest size, coming in at $169 and finished in a rubberised plastic the “Large” All-Dock has six USB ports inside, allowing you to charge six different devices.

Charging cables do not come with your All-Dock purchase, but some handy cable-ties do so you can keep things neat.

In reality the beauty of this device is the single power cable that comes in, supplying charge to six devices.


You throw the cables in that you need – anything from old iPad chargers, new Lightning cables to a MicroUSB. No matter what devices are in your family you simply take the cables from those power bricks and connect them to the All-Dock. Thread them through the 15 available slots (three per row across five rows in the Large) and charge away.

Because the slots for the cables are designed to keep the cable in place you don’t risk having your cables retreat back under the dock cover, while having enough “slack” in them to charge them from the bottom, the side or even beside the dock if it’s not something that slots in as a tablet or phone does.


The Small and Medium versions of the All-Dock have four USB ports, and either two or four device resting slots.

There are also bamboo and walnut finishes available for a more premium finish.

Freeing up five power points while still charging six devices. Brilliant.

Well worth the investment – order online now at All-Dock Australasia or wait for it to hit a retail store near you.

Because it’s a power product, compliance with regulations is all important – The All-Dock alreadyhas FCC Certification & CE (European Economic Area) Certification and should have the Aussie “Tick” for power products by the next shipment into Australia which will hit retail stores – The version we tested did not yet have the tick.


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