EFTM had stacks to see and do during a week at both the SAP Lab and Ford Research & Innovation Centre in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley. SAP is a world leader in software and solutions and works closely alongside Ford with some fascinating visions being turned into reality.


3D printing is nothing new, but with some of the predicted advancements, a new industrial revolution is on our doorstep. Within five years there’s an expectation that all manner of car parts could simply be printed. The speed of the process is a major hurdle right now but faster more accurate methods are just around the corner. Imagine one day having such a printer at home, downloading a part and simply printing it out.


I saw a stack of car parts that had been crafted from these machines, plastic at this stage but the use of metals into the future is guaranteed.

Here’s a quick look at the process at SAP:


Chris travelled to San Francisco as a guest of Ford