So you’ve just spent at least $1,799 on a brand spanking new MacBook – the 12 inch version, yep, the one with USB-C.  Stunning bit of kit that, so – how are you going to protect that investment?  Moshi looks like they’re first to market with a bunch of great accessories to keep it like new.

We race out and grab screen protectors and hard cases for our smartphones, so why not do the same for a laptop which cost you almost (or more than) double that.

I’ve got the Keyboard cover (ClearGuard), Hard Shell case (iGlaze) and screen protector (iVisor) installed, as well as a nice specially made carry sleeve all from Moshi and they’re all on my MacBook now.

2016-06-21 23.20.46

The ClearGuard keyboard cover seemed to me the most likely to not work well.  The new keyboard on they MacBook has less travel in the keys than every before and can almost rely on the feeling in your fingers as you type.

Surprisingly, the ClearGuard is sensational.  It’s hard to work out how it stays in place, except for a little bit of adhesive between a couple of rows of keys, and while I’ve no doubt typing would feel “better” without it, given the large change in feel anyway between this and most other keyboards, I’ll take the added protection any day.  ClearGuard means your lunch and snack crumbs don’t end up under the keys, and if you should happen to spill something you can quickly pick up the laptop and drain it off – it’s not a guarantee against damage, but it’s your best hope.


The hard-shelliGlaze case adds a millimetre or so to the overall thickness of this ultra-thin device, but it offers a complete scratch protection to the outside of your MacBook.  Why?  Who likes scratches?  Also, add stickers and labels without leaving sticky left overs when you take them off.  Think resale value – this is a winner.


iGlaze comes in two halves, one for the top and bottom of the MacBook – such tiny clips to keep it on, but they seem to do the job!

Now the screen on your MacBook is beautiful.  Resolution, colour, size, it’s probably the reason you bought this MacBook.

Your shiny new MacBook screen - BEFORE the iVisor

Your shiny new MacBook screen – BEFORE the iVisor

When I took the iVisor out of the packaging, I took one look and thought – nope, no way.  You can’t see through it, it’s like a frosted bathroom glass when you hold it up in front of you.

And after the iVisor - what's that do to the picture??

And after the iVisor – what’s that do to the picture??

However, when you place it onto the screen, carefully push it around with a cloth, there’s a dulling to the picture, but for the better.


Bright lights above you are diffused across the screen, and glare generally is completely reduced.  Yes the screen looks better without it, but no, you don’t regret putting it on.  Once again, resale people – resale.  Also, fingerprints – hardly a problem with this installed.


And finally, if you’re carrying the MacBook around, grab a Muse 12 – this is a sleeve to slide your MacBook into, while keeping it protected from bumps and possibly even drops.


It’s got a microfiber inner lining, as well as what Moshi calls “SlipGrip” to prevent the MacBook slipping out of the sleeve.

There’s no zipper or Velcro, instead a flap folds over while the snug fit means you don’t need a restraint like a Zip.


The outside has a plastic-like feel, without feeling “cheap”.  Sleeves are much of a muchness these days, and this is a slightly different take on what many others are doing.



A great range of products, which, as I say – help protect your investment.  Well worth it.

Available now – The ClearGuard is $39,99, the Muse is $54.99, the iVisor $59.99 and the iGlaze will set you back $79.99 – check them out at Moshi online.