At their latest Next@Acer event, the latest Predator gaming laptops and desktops have been announced alongside new travel focused Travelmate laptops and eco-friendly Vero laptop. 


The latest Predator range of gaming laptops include new designs and support for industry leading technology including NVIDIA RTX 40xx series GPUs and 13th Gen Intel Core CPUs, with their Orion X desktop range also seeing an update.

The latest Predator laptop range includes the  Predator Triton 17 X (PTX17-71) offering high performance to creators and gamers, the Predator Helios Neo 16 (PHN16-71), the new ew thin-and-light Triton 14 and Predator Helios 3D 15 which offers glasses-free, stereoscopic 3D viewing on the 15” display.

The Predator Triton 17 X (PTX17-71) is described as Acer’s most powerful gaming laptop to date and has been meticulously crafter with solid metal CNC unibody chassis with a micro-etched RGB Predator logo, stainless steel speaker mesh, diamond-cut highlights and vents, as well as RGB keyboard to complete the gamer aesthetic. 

The Triton 17X includes  a 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900HX processor and NVIDIA RTX 4090 GPU, with up to 64 GB DDR5 memory and up to 4 TB PCIe solid state drives in RAID 0. 

Predator Triton 17X

There’s a bright 17-inch display in 16:10 aspect ratio, which is EyeSafe Certified as a low blue light display. The gaming laptop also includes state of the art thermal designs to keep it cool, with a vapor chamer to house it’s compressed cooling system. There’s dual custom-engineered 5th Gen Aeroblade 3D fans to guide air where it needs to go.

There’s plenty of connectivity on board, with Wi-Fi 6E AX1690i, or an ethernet port on board and Thunderbolt 4 ports for connecting external monitors and devices, or just fast data transfers. 

The Predator Helios Neo 16 (PHN16-71) includes the powerful components that the Helios line is known for, but at a more affordable price point. There’s 13th Gen Intel Core HX processors paired with up to NVIDIA RTX 4070 GPUs and up to 32 GB of dual-channel DDR5 RAM and up to a 2 TB PCIe NVMe SSD in RAID 0.

Predator Helios Neo 16

The Helios 16 offers two monitor options, either a WQXGA (2560×1600) IPS display[1] at 165 Hz and 3 ms response time or a WUXGA (1920×1200) display with a 165 Hz refresh rate covering 100% of the sRGB colour range.

The Predator Triton 14 has been designed as a ‘Thin Laptop for Gaming and Work’ and offers a small but powerful option with up to a 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-13700H Processor and an NVIDIA GeForce RTXT 4070 or 4050 Laptop GPU. 

Gamers will appreciate the 14-inch display with 250z refresh rate that is HDR 600 certified and covers 100% of the DCI-P3 range. 

The laptop can include up to 32GB of DDR5 RAM and an M.2 SSD provides faster access to your data or games. The laptop include s Wi-Fi 6E AX1675i for wireless connectivity, as well as a a full range of ports including a MicroSD card reader giving content creators fast access to photos and videos. 

The last Predator laptop is the next-generation Predator Helios 3D 15 gaming laptop, which has been updated with a 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900HX Processor and NVIDIA GeForce® RTXT 4080 Laptop GPU. 

The headliner for the Predator Helios 3D 15 though is the 15.6-inch stereoscopic display which combines eye-tracking from Spatial Labs with real-time scene rendering to create eye-popping 3D scenes. 

On the Predator Desktop front, the Predator Orion X now comes with a 13th Gen Intel i9-13900KS processor and up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPUs, providing high-power gaming performance in a compact chassis.

The Predator Orion X chassis weighs in at just 9Kg, but has plenty of slots for additional drives. It also includes up to 32 GB DDR5 RAM and, two M.2 2400 SSDs (up to 1 TB each) and an illuminated, hot swap NVMe M.2 SSD drive bay for added capacity. 

The desktop also includes Intel Killer E3100G and Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6E AX211, as well as multiple USB Type A and Type C ports across the front and back of the case. 

There’s also new monitors from Acer with the 44.5-inch Nitro XZ452CU V curved gaming monitor. The monitor includes a 1500R curve with Dual QHD panels in 32:9 ultrawide aspect ratio and includes a 165 Hz refresh rate. There’s also the Predator X34 V, a 34-inch curved OLED gaming monitor with UWQHD (3440×1440) resolution and 175 Hz refresh rate with 0.1 ms (Grey to Grey response).


While gaming is exciting, there’s work to be done and the ACER Travelmate series has unveiled their latest business range powered by 13th Gen Intel Core vPro processors. The new TravelMate range includes the TravelMate P6 14, the Travelmate P4 14 and TravelMate P4 Spin 14 and Acer TravelMate P2 series laptops with 14 or 16-inch displays.

The TravelMate P6 14 is their ultimate premium business laptop, featuring 13th Gen Intel Core i7 processors, 32 GB LPDDR5 memory, and a 65 Wh fast-charging battery. The laptop includes a 2.8K resolution (2880×1800) OLED display in 16:10 aspect ratio with a PrivacyPanel feature which helps obscure viewing angles beyond 90°to defend against prying eyes and support for 100% coverage of the DCI-P3 colour space.

The laptop is designed for business and has video conferencing in mind with a FHD IR webcam as well as AI-powered noise-reduction technology using Acer PurifiedVoice. There’s upward-facing speakers with DTS Audio and excellent connectivity options with 2×2 Wi-Fi 6E and 5G offering freedom for mobile professionals. 

The TravelMate P4 14, which comes in both clamshell laptop design and a convertible ‘Spin’ model offering multiple form factors. 

The TravelMate P4 14 and TravelMate P4 Spin 14 are powered by 13th Gen Intel Core i7 vPro processors[1] in addition to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2050 GPUs. The laptops include a thin bezel surrounding the 14-inch display which comes in 2.2K resolution for the standard model, and up to WUXGA resolution on the Spin, which also includes Corning Gorilla Glass and a dockable stylus. 

Finally, the Acer TravelMate P2 series includes two designs with either 14- and 16-inch 16:10 WUGXA (1920 x 1200) displays and an IPS wide-angle view of up to 170 degrees. 

The laptops are powered by 13th Gen Intel Core processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2050 GPUs for power on the move. There’s a larger OceanGlass touchpad, and the keys on the keyboard include a 1.55mm travel distance for comfortable typing. The machines both come with a 180-degree hinge that lets the laptop lay flat when needed.


Lastly, ACER unveiled their latest eco-conscious laptop, the Vero 15 Laptop. 

The Acer Aspire Vero 15 (AV15-53P) combines an eco-conscious design with powerful internals to create an attractive, yet powerful laptop. Powered by an Intel Core i7 processor with Intel Iris Xe graphics up to 16 GB of on board LPDDR5 memory and two M.2 SSDs that support up to 1 TB of storage. The laptop includes a 15.6-inch Full HD resolution display in 16:9 aspect ratio and supports 100% sRGB. 

Aspire Vero 15

Acer has set the Vero 15 up for connectivity and video conferencing, with a 1440p QHD camera with Acer PurifiedView and improved audio performance using PurifiedVoice with AI Noise Reduction technology for enhanced conference calls. For reliable and seamless connectivity, there’s Wi-Fi 6E and two Thunderbolt 4/USB Type-C ports, two USB3.2 Gen1 Type-A ports, a HDMI 2.1 port and an audio jack.

Why is it an eco-consicous laptop? ACER says the Aspire Vero 15 was designed to both incorporate more recycled materials, as well as to further minimise waste by increasing the device’s lifespan.

The Vero 15 includes 40% PCR plastic in the chassis, and the OceanGlass trackpad includes recycled ocean-bound plastic. The laptop’s lifespan can be extended, with standardised screws used to simplify repairs. The laptop is also shipped in multi-purpose 

recyclable packaging which is made from 100% recycled paper and up to 90% recycled cardboard, and can be reused as an ergonomic laptop stand.


Acer Australia have advised that the full range of devices above will be coming to Australia, with some devices available in-store now. 

The full list of what is available and when is below:

  • The Predator Triton 17 X (PTX17-71) will be available in Australia in June 2023, starting at AUD  $7,999. 
  • The Predator Helios Neo 16 (PHN16-71) is available now in Australia, starting at AUD $2,999. 
  • The Predator Triton 14 (PT14-51) will be available in Australia in May 2023, starting at AUD 
  • $3,599. 
  • The Predator Helios 3D 15 SpatialLabs™ Edition will be available in Australia in June 2023, 
  • starting at AUD $7,599.
  • The Predator Orion X (POX-650) will be available in Australia in Q4, 2023. 
  • The Nitro X2452CU will be available in Australia in Q4, 2023, from AUD $1,999. 
  • The Predator X34 V will be available in Australia in Q4, 2023, from AUD $1,999. 
  •  The Acer TravelMate P6 14 (TMP614-53) will be available in Australia in the second half of 2023, starting at USD 1,249.99.
  • The Acer TravelMate P4 16 (TMP416-52) will be available in Australia in in the second half of 2023, starting at USD 1,049.99
  • The Acer TravelMate P4 Spin 14 (TMP414RN-53) will be available in Australia in in the second half of 2023, starting at USD 1,149.99.
  • The Acer TravelMate P4 14 (TMP414-53) will be available in Australia in the second half of 2023 at USD 1,049.99.
  • The Acer TravelMate P2 16 (TMP216-51) will be available in Australia in the second half of 2023 at USD 849.99.
  • The Acer TravelMate P2 14 (TMP214-55) will be available in Australia in the second half of 2023 at USD 849.99.
  •  The Acer Aspire Vero 15 (AV15-53P) will be available in Australia in May, starting at AUD $1,399