IKEA 40th Anniversary AUS Home of the Future

In a report on how Australian Homes will look in the next five to ten years we have some very interesting trends that may be emerging very soon. Some of which you could retrofit into your home today.

IKEA and futurist Barrie Barton have uncovered five trends that we can expect to see very soon.

The Outside Grows In

IKEA 40th Anniversary AUS Home of the Future_Kitchen Garden

Our kitchens will also house our gardens. Growing herbs indoors will become a normal thing and kitchen designs will follow this trend. Recycled water will be flowing into your kitchen to allow easy irrigation for the indoor garden and rooftops will be more open in order to allow greater natural light into the home.

Togetherness in the Home

IKEA 40th Anniversary AUS Home of the Future_Conected Worktop

The kitchen counter-top is about to get a whole lot more social. Conversations around this area will grow and the structures need to adapt. Barrie explains “Over the next few years there will be a rise in what we call ‘social furniture’, which will be things like multifunctional kitchen islands that allow for food prep, socialising, working, watching TV or spending time with the family.”

Flexible Living Spaces

IKEA 40th Anniversary AUS Home of the Future_Moveable Wall

Rooms will no longer have boundaries. Space is limited and never 100% utilised to walls will become temporary constraints – they’ll be movable. Eva–Carin explains “To be fit for purpose in the 21st century means to be adaptable. In the Australian Home of the Future, rooms will have to offer more than one function. By 2025, we will see an increased demand for sliding walls to create modular living and recreational spaces. Moveable walls will become increasingly popular, allowing lounges to become bedrooms, or bathrooms to double up as a laundries and living rooms to easily transform into an office. IKEA is already working on a solution for this.”

Happy, Healthy Homes

IKEA 40th Anniversary AUS Home of the Future_Future Recycling

Sustainability in our homes will become more and more important. What we do with our waste and how we manage it. How we exercise, where we exercise and making the most of every square inch of space will be most valuable. Eva-Carin suggests, “As we become more health aware, there will be an increased need for our homes to reflect our lifestyles. By 2025 home gyms will be increasingly popular and furniture will double up as exercise equipment. Technology will be used to create a harmonious environment, with wall projections helping to create a space for meditation and mindfulness. Every square inch will be used to accommodate our lifestyle, which is why you can expect to see things like electric bikes doubling up as wall art.”

Home Smart


The integration of smart devices in the home will become even more seemless. A smart stove will operate more like your smartphone. Your fridge will know what is in your fridge and when it is set to expire. Your kitchen will know what ingredients you have to help you build recipes and even order the missing items. Eva–Carin predicts, “The IKEA Australian Home of the Future will be self-aware with the interiors responding to the occupant, pre-empting their daily needs. We predict that by 2025 kitchens will include smart counter tops, smart storage solutions and smart waste management systems – and the rest of the home will be no different. Soon our homes will give us what we want without us even asking for it.”