Huge news for fans of cars, fans of amazing TV productions and fans of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May today – they’ve signed up to create a brand new TV show and the channel that signed them is a surprise but the platform is not.


Ever since the BBC decided not to renew the contract of Jeremy Clarkson (no, he wasn’t sacked, they just didn’t renew him) and his mates Richard Hammond and James May opted not to continue – the speculation has been widespread as to where they would appear next.

Hot money was on Netflix.  This company is the modern-day TV behemoth spending millions on high quality original programming like House of Cards to name just one.

So it made sense – throw a bucket load of money at the trio and their old Executive Producer from Top Gear Andy Wilman and you’ve almost certainly got an instant online hit.

Today Jeremy Clarkson confirmed a deal had been done to create a brand new show featuring the trio on a Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) service – but it’s not Netflix.  It’s Amazon Prime.


With production starting in a few months, and a deal apparently set to last three years, you can imagine the money changing hands.  The freedom the boys will get being free from the BBC will open up wide new doors for content and integration ideas like never before.

So – where can we watch it in Australia?

A bidding war will be underway, phones will be running hot, but EFTM can’t imagine there’s anything other than one answer to that question.


Check out their catalogue.  They have Alpha House, Mozart in the Jungle, they have Transparent – both are Amazon Prime originals – heck one of them (Transparent) is a Golden Globe Winner.

Now check Netflix, Presto and Stan in Australia – nope, no Amazon Prime originals to be found on Netflix, or Presto – Only Stan.

EFTM understands Stan. holds exclusive “life of series” rights to Transparent and Mozart – so you can imagine they have a pretty darn good relationship there.

But there’s one catch.

The TV networks.  Bosch – an Amazon series is on SBS right now, showing that a TV network can bid for a “streaming original” series and get it – now Bosch may well end up on Stan too – but the first “window” being the TV airing of the series looks like it’s with SBS.

A similar thing could happen with the new Clarkson Hammond and May show – but in reality, you can almost bet your house on the show being on Stan one way or another.

I for one – cannot wait.