I would line up and midnight to ensure I get one of these. As a child growing up in the 80’s the McLaren MP4/4 is probably the equivalent to kids today looking at the recent domination of Mercedes or Red Bull – but this was something special, and since Ayrton Senna’s passing it has grown ever more significant over the years. LEGO is about to drop an affordable small and easy to build model of that very car.

Due for release in March, we don’t know how it will be priced in Australia but expect it to be $150 or less given it’s US pricing – which, by the way, is an outrageous price given this is the size of the Speed Champions series of cars, but because it’s got the “LEGO Icons” branding, its a much higher price.

Of course, there is licensing here LEGO has to deal with to get the Senna Family sign off, Shell, McLaren and such – but – while it’s a wild price, I’ll still pay it.

It’s officially set Number 10330, and is 693 pieces, including a nice layered two colours on the nose to represent the iconic Marlboro Branding without actually saying it.

The set also comes with a stand so the car can be elevated and angled to the viewer, plus, there’s an Ayrton Senna Minifigure, complete with trophy and that iconic helmet. I want many many of those.

Bring. It. On.