The LifeStyler was starting to think about Xmas, and this year we all deserve an extra celebration.  Indeed, more people than ever will be holidaying in our magnificent country.

There will no doubt to be lots of new tech under the tree, maybe a new smartphone or some home automation gear. 

So we have our new tech, and we have a holiday planned but will you have enough data allowance for surviving the Xmas break away from your home broadband.

Never fear your friendly phone provider is happy to sell you some more for something like $5 for 1 GB extra which you will blow in a day.

Alternatively, a smart idea is to visit your local supermarket. Where for $5 – $10 you can get a brand new sim and plan with around 30GB of data with many of the special offers available at the moment. 

These are introductory deals to entice you to join their service, but in this case, we do not want to join them for more than the special deal.

To take advantage of this extra data simply swap your sim whilst you watch that Netflix movie or better still take an old mobile phone away with you and create a hotspot on it to share the data around.

Have a very Techy Xmas.  Cheers!