It’s a great way to get attention for what is otherwise a pretty small announcement all things considered – put one the world’s fastest family sedan side by side with a passenger jet and have a race.  That’s what Tesla did with their Model S alongside a Qantas Boeing 737 at Melbourne’s Avalon Airport.


The two companies have kicked off an “innovation partnership” with the stunt to draw attention to some interesting new arrangements.  As of now, Qantas is Tesla’s airline of choice – not that big a deal given there wouldn’t be a large number of Tesla employees in Australia travelling regularly we’d think.


However the deal is pretty great for Tesla Model S owners – Qantas Club membership now comes with the Model S – just show your car key at the door?  While most Model S owners may already be frequent flyers there’s a loyalty that comes with Tesla fans let alone owners – one which Qantas will now take advantage of.


Qantas will host events for their own Frequent Flyers offering Tesla drives and experiences to enhance the brand reputation with those customers.

And at Qantas Valet facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide you’ll now find dedicated chargers for Tesla owners – yet another way to drive airline loyalty among Tesla owners (as well as Valet parking revenue!)


Anyway – enough talking from me – here’s the video – great stuff!