Tesla are pushing ahead at a cracking pace in Australia, selling loads of cars, and working toward an East-coast network of Superchargers to provide solid range for their owners.  EFTM has photos of the construction progress in Goulburn, expected to be one of the first non-metro Supercharger networks in the Australian network.

With Superchargers in place in the Sydney and Melbourne Showroom locations, Tesla owners in those cities have a place to go for a fast and free charge, but if you’re heading off for a drive you’ll need to plan to stop and or stay at a “destination” charge point which might be a hotel, but even they are few and far between.


Goulburn was always the logical location to kick off the Hume Highway network, flowing then through Gundagai, Wodonga and into Melbourne.


It seems things are full steam ahead.  Reports on the ground in Goulburn indicate the Charging location in the car park of the Goulburn Information Centre is just a few weeks away from completion, confirmed by the photos obtained by EFTM.


There is reportedly great interest from owners and prospective owners in the installation and with 8 Charging bays it’s certainly a big installation (That’s more bays than the Tesla Sydney showroom!).


The main switch board is not yet installed, and there are four large inverters installed ready to power the 8 Charging points.


While construction may be just weeks away from completion, “lighting them up” with power may take longer, with power authorities needing to verify the network and sign off before they pump the full power into the site.  This occurred in Sydney also where just two bays were originally available at the Sydney Showroom.

Regardless, it’s a sight for the sore eyes of Tesla Sydney owners, and a great boost for the Goulburn area with hundreds of extra likely visitors expected as they take their Model S cars for a decent long run, perhaps for the first time.


Thanks to ROB, our eyes and ears on the ground in Goulburn!