Every year as Father’s Day rolls round, kids are busy at school doing craft, mums are out looking for the ideal Father’s Day present, and Dads are all secretly hoping for something very different. So, what makes a great Father’s Day? EFTM thought we’d ask a few famous fathers what was their most memorable Father’s Day

I’m going to miss out on Father’s Day with my kids this year, as I’ll be travelling home from Berlin. But I wasn’t worried about a present, I just wanted those early morning cuddles – the attention from the kids. So am I alone thinking the gift isn’t the memorable thing? Could it be that the best Father’s Day was more about the experience?

Let’s ask a few Famous Fathers.

Peter Overton


Father’s Day came to life for me when the kids went to day care then big school- the love, care and effort in their Father’s Day paintings, mobile phone holder, drawings . Paperweights , picture frames , key rings…. Was so pure and that’s why Father’s Day means so much to me

Mark Bouris AM


Most memorable was all the early years when my boys we all under 10 the 4 of them
And having my dad there at the same time and do a simple family bbq in my parents back yard and the kids hanging out with their cousins and then driving home with them all falling asleep on each other in the back of the car

Mark Geyer


My best Father’s Day ever was last year. My wife and 5 kids planned a magnificent day that included brekky in bed, lunch on the river, dinner on the city! And a partridge in a pear tree

Dick Johnson


The best Father’s Day are always another opportunity to get together with my daughter, son and grandkids who along with my wife is the best present ever.

Gus Worland


The best Father’s Day I ever had was breakky in bed and pressies the kids had really thought about! Home made cards and toast and tea! The pressie was a BOSE portable music player and speakers! Awesome! I use it everyday!

Kim Dotcom


On Father’s Day my 6 year old boy asked me not to have any more birthdays, so I don’t get older, so that I would never die.He said he loves me and he needs me and that’s why I have to grant his wish. It made me cry. And I can’t think of a better gift on Fathers Day than the love that my son has expressed to me.

Joe Hilderbrand


As the father of a 21-month-old son I have had only one Father’s Day and given he was only 9 months old at the time I don’t remember a damn thing!

What about you? Are you a Dad? What’s your favourite Father’s Day memory?