If there’s a brand that makes home appliances a man can love, it’s Dyson. Its latest product is no exception – an air multiplier fan that includes a heating element, letting you manage a room’s temperature without worrying about dust, overheating or rotatitng fan blades.

Taking more than three years to design by a team of 22 different Dyson engineers, the Hot + Cool fan offers so much more than a traditional fan heater. Thanks to intelligent electronics on board, it’s able to register the room’s ambient temperature and adjust its output to create a precisely comfortable atmosphere. When it reaches the desired temperature, the fan goes into standby mode, automatically powering back up when the temperature starts to fade.

You can adjust the Hot + Cool fan’s vertical tilt, and it oscillates horizontally to provide an even warming throughout the room. Because the heating elements are completely enclosed in the heater’s base, there’s also no chance of dust settling on them, giving off that burnt air smell.

But the best part is that during summer, the Hot + Cool doubles as a regular cooling fan, giving you year-round functionality.

All that engineering and all those patents do come at a cost though, which is $549. Considering the high level of control and iconic design though, it’s worth every cent.

Price: $549
Web: Dyson