We’ve all had this experience; you’re at a public bar, club or large venue, having dinner, enjoying time with friends or just chilling out with a drink.  There are TV’s on seemingly every wall and corner of the place, but you can’t hear any of them.  Aussie company Flexicast is set to change that with a product called Flexicast Listen.

Sitting at an airport gate waiting for their plane to board, the big-wigs at Gold Coast company Flexicast had an idea – why can’t we listen to the TV?  Why must we be forced to read the captions on-screen?


The reason is clear, not everyone in the area wants to hear the TV!

But for those who do, Flexicast Listen was born.

Any pub, club or venue with a TV that sits on the wall with the sound down can invest in a little box that sits behind the TV.


With the sound plugged into the Flexicast box, and the box then connected to an open public WiFi network the solution is in place.

Patrons simply download a free app onto their smartphone and with the smartphone speaker or headphones they can listen to the TV.


Better still, there can be multiple TVs on across the venue, and you simply choose the one you want to listen to.

Critical to the success and unique to the Aussie product, there is zero latency on the sound, so the words spoken on-screen are in sync with the sound you hear on your smartphone.  It really is remarkable, simple and seemingly logical.

It’s just kicking off, but if pubs and clubs across Australia start adding Flexicast to their screens your sports viewing experience might just go from good to great at the local pub in future.