There are many ways to watch live sport. On Saturday at the Bledisloe Cup EFTM had the chance to experience a whole new way to enjoy the game.


EFTM recently reviewed a beautiful, large, curved television which would be one of the best ways to watch sport. You get the commentary, the great camera angles and more. Every weekend though, stadiums are full of people who prefer to watch their sport live and in person.

In July, EFTM covered the launch of the Samsung Sideliner. It’s an exclusive four seat tube on rails which can whizz up and down the sideline giving you a front row seat in the best location of the stadium regardless of where the play is happening.

SAMSUNG @ Australia v New Zealand - The Rugby Championship

On Saturday at the Bledisloe Cup we had the opportunity to try the experience and discover where the real best seat in the house is.

What we can tell you is that the seats are extremely comfortable, more like bucket seats in a performance car but with more padding. You have a great gap between the person next to you and no one in-front of you. Your head rarely even needs to turn left to right in order to follow the game. The Sideliner moves at up to 20km/h and feels faster than this reads.


Enjoying a game live is always a joy, no matter how good your surround sound system at home is, or how big your TV is, nothing seems to compare with a live game. The atmosphere is simply electric. Sure the beers are more expensive and the pies cost as much as a small car but when your team scores a try you will bounce out of your chair, hug strangers and forget about your warm couch at home.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Bledisloe Cup game, Australia won (spoiler sorry) and history was made. For the four lucky people who were able to stay in the Samsung Sideliner for the whole game it will be an experience they will never forget.