An Aussie company has a big idea, and they’re taking it to the world.  It’s a high-tech collar for your dog, man’s best friend, and for dog owners around the world it may just be the hottest gadget in 2016, right now you can get one at half the retail price by joining the Kickstarter campaign.


Chris and Fulvio from Melbourne have been selling light up leads for walking your dogs for a while now – they allow you to ensure the dog and lead are visible in low light so they are less risk of being hit by a car or bike while out for a walk.


Buddy is their idea to take that a whole lot more than one step forward.

This smart collar is like a fitness tracker for your dog.  It counts their steps each day, displays their calories burned, and interacts wirelessly with a home base station to make this information available to you on your smartphone.


Take your dog for a walk and it can be easily seen because of the colourful light combinations, which you can customise on your smartphone.


When the dog is out for a free run, or if it should happen to escape your home, the GPS version will allow you to locate your dog no matter where it is – again, all on the app.

You can set up a geo-fence to set boundaries for where the dog is allowed so you are notified if they go out of range.

These are all amazing ideas.


Likely to retail for around $500, the kickstarter concept means if you pledge an amount now, as little as $245 will mean you get one of the first production collars.

The way Kickstarter works, you only pay the money if the project gets funding.  And they want a lot.  $385,000.  They’re at $55,000 so far, well on their way.  If successful, you’ll have your Buddy collar within the year.

Here’s their info video.

Dog owners love their dogs, and for good reason.  So, why not add that peace of mind and assurance with this kind of high-tech gadget?

Check it out on Kickstarter today