There are rumours and then there are leaks, this one sits firmly in the leak category.  Melbourne’s Sonny Dickson seems to have delivered the back case of an iPhone 6s (That’s what we assume the next phone will be called) to YouTube channel Unbox Therapy.  The video demonstrates some clear changes in the next iPhone


While it looks very similar, host Lewis points out (using super accurate Digital measurements) that the newer case weighs slightly less, but is also slightly wider and taller, thanks mainly to a new thicker edge.


The area of the phone that was demonstrated to bend (under extreme force!) looks to have been given a thicker edging in an effort to prevent the “Bendgate” saga from repeating – because we all know, this bloke was going to buy the next iPhone and the first thing he would do is bend it.


Pretty hard to argue with the evidence he’s shown, and Sonny’s history of leaks is also ridiculously solid.    Here’s the full video from Unbox Therapy 

But remember kids, almost any phone will bend if you push hard enough – so, don’t.  Just don’t.