There’s something about a simple approach to things that is appealing on so many levels. From a company making some of the most complex pocket knives you could imagine, comes the Victorinox Alliance Mechanical Watch. A simple, elegant design with so much going on under the hood.


Around the edge of the 40mm sapphire glass face is a guilloché bezel inspired by the Swiss Knife which sets of a watch that is most certainly sophisticated, but also rather simple.


No bulk, nothing outrageous as a visual feature, just clean lines.

Around the back things get interesting. The rear case allows you to see into the inner workings, watching it tick and move.


The mechanical workings of the watch are self-winding so it really is set and forget.

2015-08-10 19.05.40

Set off ever so subtly by the signature Victorinox red on the second-hand and the word “Automatic” on the face, this watch also comes in its case with an exclusive Officer’s knife in matching colour.


Retailing for $1,300, this is not for everyone, but if you want something just a little exclusive – check it out.

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