You can basically smell it in the air, summer is around the corner Australia and that BBQ outside is just waiting to be fired up again. Don’t forget to put the bevies in the fridge too!

The warmer seasons is what genuinely makes me happy. I love the warm weather and everything it brings. Barbecue season is one of the greatest and with that means a fresh cold beer or what I’ve recently discovered, a sweet tasting vodka.


These premixed drinks from Vodka O are actually delicious, some more than others, however I’m not afraid to say as a bloke that these go down a treat.

My favourite flavour of the bunch here was the strawberry, cranberry & a touch of basil, but just tell your mates “it’s the strawberry one”. The bottles have a neat ring pull top so no bottle opener or twist under the shirt required. These mixed drinks from Vodka O is Australian, made using real fruit and spices and with no artificial flavours. It’s the real deal and a quality made product. While I found some to be uber sweet, they actually have less sugar than most ciders out there so just enjoy it. They do have a 4.5% alc. vol. in the 330ml bottle so while it tastes great, careful not to get too carried away!


These must-have summer beverages are sold for $4.99 each or grab a four pack for $17.99. Drink responsibly.