I reckon most people would assume a “fridge is a fridge”, you’ve got a fridge compartment and a freezer compartment and there’s a chance you’ve got one of those water dispensers on the front.  But if you actually seek out the latest in fridges, you’ll see there’s a bit more than that in terms of innovation.

Samsung’s Bespoke Free-Standing French Door is a great example of that.

First up, there’s the whole “Bespoke” aspect of this.  Acknowledging that the Fridge shouldn’t just be a “thing you buy for the Kitchen” and instead can form part of your overall kitchen design, Bespoke offers you the chance to customise the look of your fridge, and even expand if your family grows or kitchen design changes.

There are two matte metal finishes, an off-white called Cotta White, and darker Cotta Charcoal, and five very nice glass finishes in a high gloss Pink or Navy and a satin Sky Blue, Grey or Beige. You can choose how you configure the colours; with four doors, you might go for two colours, one colour or even more. Four perhaps!

It’s a sleek look that will be an instant conversation starter when you’re entertaining people at your place.

On the inside, that whole “fridge and freezer” concept is out the door with a triple-cooling system allowing the lower two doors to be separate zones so you can set one as a fridge or freezer.  Ideal for those who perhaps have a separate freezer already, or opt for a future additional upright freezer.  That additional fridge space will suit the biggest families and while many will opt for the traditional fridge up top, freezer down the bottom the customisation is a critical option on this fridge.

Ice maker now down the bottom left door in the Freezer, dropping Ice into easy to use trays

After years of research and strong customer feedback, Samsung has completely redesigned its Ice Maker too.  As someone who has used the old Ice Maker and the new, I can tell you this is utterly fantastic. Consistent ice making with no frosting or jams because of the separation between the Ice Maker and the ice itself.

Ice drops out of the Ice Maker in two sizes, large and small, in removable draws in the bottom left door of the four-door fridge.  Easy to scoop out into a cup, or simply remove the tray to make them more accessible or easy to pour out in larger amounts.

This has been a game changer for my family.  Likewise, the number one feature of Samsung’s latest fridges is the Beverage Centre.

You know that water dispenser you see on people’s fridges?  Samsung has hidden that inside a fifth door on this “four-door” fridge.  The top left door has a compartment door on the front, which when you open up exposes the water dispenser and a cold fresh Autofill Infuser Jug.

That Infuser Jug is refilled automatically* when you put it back into the fridge and close the Beverage Centre door.  

Importantly, the Beverage Centre door also provides easy access to commonly accessed items in your fridge.  This, mark my words, is not a gimmick.  It’s one of the most useful features of a fridge I’ve come across.

Bespoke design is the very latest in innovation from Samsung, but the innovation is all through this fridge from the cooling technology to the layout, design and placement of the features like the Ice Maker and Beverage Centre.

Re-think the basic fridge-freezer, check out what’s new in fridges – it might surprise you.

* Autofill Infuser Jug requires the fridge unit to be connected to plumbing directly via a water line.

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