They did it a few years ago and now the Italian flavours from Nespresso are back.

When Nespresso did the Italian variety in the past they were limited edition but they also had different names and flavours, so what have we here?

Tribute to Milano (aka Milan) is based on the fabulous city, an elegant and cosmopolitan urban hub, where coffee is enjoyed in bustling bars. We tasted this as an espresso and drank it standing, just like you would in Italy. The Milano is a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans bringing out a balance of fruity and sweet cereal aromas. It reminded me of the volluto in terms of smoothness however has a higher intensity ranking at 9 (compared to 4).



Tribute to Palermo is bring you the spirit of this relaxing coastal town where coffee is savoured on a sunny terrace. The Palermo is also a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans however intensely roasted to bring out the aromas of cacao and pepper. Ranked at 11 intensity it is a very exciting coffee and we enjoyed stretching this out over a long black.

If you do get hold of these and want to taste them with your friends remember to check out the tasting article we published recently.

Both of these limited edition pods will be available to buy on August 31 online and in Nespresso boutiques. EFTM recommend enjoying these coffees in direct sunlight, kicked back on a chair and listening to Andrea Bocelli.