Moving beyond the normal iced tea

You may have seen them in some creative product placement on My Kitchen Rules this year or you’re starting to see them on the shelves in stores. Fuze Tea is a new product from Coca Cola which is set to be the more exotic in the iced tea range.


Available in a huge range of flavours they are likely to surprise your guests at the next BBQ. Fuze Tea is available in Wild Raspberry & Hibiscus, Summer Mango & Chamomile, Juicy Peach, Crisp Apple & Lemongrass and Zesty Lemon. We’ve been sent the Summer Mango & Chamomile to taste. We’re not huge iced tea drinkers however we’ve indulged in the Green Tea from Lipton. The Summer Mango & Chamomile looks like a very flat, no fizz beer when poured into a glass. The flavours were however surprising. We’re tasting this on a 40 degree day in Sydney and it hits the spot nicely. More refreshing than your average glass of water! What we would suggest though is dressing up the iced tea with some fresh fruit, it’ll look better in the glass and likely add some extra flavour too.

Keep an eye out for these next time you’re hosting friends or family, it might make your kitchen… rule. Dad joke in every article…


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