Since the introduction of the Apple Watch, owners have been dealing with the issue of where and when to charge the watch, which – let’s be honest – requires a daily charge.  Belkin today joins a bunch of companies who have created charging accessories for the Watch, this time with a dual purpose.

It’s a simple concept, and you’ll find it at Apple retail stores across Australia for $189.95.

Belkin F8J183_Charge_Dock_iPhone_AppleWatch

The Lightning connector is adjustable so you can still keep your phone in a range of after-market cases, while the magnetic charger for the Apple Watch sticks out from the side to allow your watch to sit, while the band dangles below it alongside your phone.

We haven’t got hands on with one yet, but from the specs it appears a 1.5m cable comes included with the Charge Dock, meaning you don’t need to use the charging cable that came with your Apple Watch to make it work – which is great, because it means you have that one for travel or another location.

To me, it looks perfect for the bedside table.