Chill out people, the dentist isn’t that bad!  In an effort to promote the Oral-B electric toothbrushes they’ve done some research into Aussie’s fear of going to the dentist, the results – not that surprising really!

Get this.  60% of us think a dentist visit is scarier than seeing a spider.   Two thirds with anxiety about it would rather attend a job interview!

Most people would rather go on a blind date or work on weekends than go to the dentist.


Chill out folks!  Ok, so I was the same:)  Finding a good dentist helps, as does getting some serious work done – turns out there isn’t actually that much pain – it’s more the discomfort of having someone poking around in your mouth for 20 mins than anything else.

Two in every three Aussies get anxious when they visit the dentist, with women more anxious than men – but get this – 9 out of 10 people put in a last-minute effort to make a good impression at the dentist.  Funny really, because they’re going to know the real story anyway you realise!

Having hung up the Baggy-Green, Michael Clarke has been doing more work with Oral-B, trying to take the edge of the dental visits of a few lucky Aussies

Oh, and if you are one who likes to get a solid last-minute clean in before the visit – Oral-B tell me that a power brush removes 100% more plaque then a manual brush.  But in reality, you gotta be doing that every day, not just at the last-minute.