At EFTM we love our food. You can ask a friend or consider yourself, one of the biggest names in small foods is Maggie Beer. Australian owned and products made with Australian ingredients it is hard to complain really. With Christmas coming up though, we have found a fantastic way to please the in-laws or your own parents with one of their newly launched hampers.


The hamper that we received arrived in a large timber box with all the products buried in straw. Presentation was A+. The products inside were never ending, so much variety in this box which for us is entertainment focused. For those who like wine but not the hangover, this hamper included non-alcoholic wine which still tastes good!

Hampers start from as low as $20 and peak at $180. It is easy to find one for the person in your life – or yourself.


We know that Christmas is around the corner so we felt it was only responsible of us to share this hot-tip with you. Right now orders take around a week to arrive but don’t leave it till the week before Christmas as you shipping times may not stay this way.

The gift that will keep on giving every time they use it. You’ve been warned.