ALDI wanted to know what were your most popular products from its range, so they asked and the verdict is in!

Over a number of weeks, ALDI shoppers nationwide have been voting for their favourite products. It’s all part of the first everPeople’s Picks Awards!

So the people have spoken. Which is important, because who needs some expert to tell you what’s good and bad. The list is simple, but shows actual customer loyalty towards some basic, but excellent products.

Here we go.

  1. Alcohol – South Pinot Estate Rosé, $4.99

2. Baby – Mamia Fragrance Free Baby Wipes, $1.89

3. Bakery – Bakers Life Lower Carb, Higher Protein Bread, $4.99

4. Beauty and Personal Care – Confidence Toilet Tissue 3ply, $7.99

5. Cleaning and Laundry – Di-San Ultra Degreaser Pre Wash Lemon Stain Remover, $1.25

6. Freezer – Urban Eats Feta & Spinach Gozleme, $3.99

7. Fridge, Dairy and Eggs – Cowbelle Tasty Block Cheese, $7.49

8. Meat, Small Goods and Deli – Berg Middle Bacon, $8.99

9. Pantry – Brookdale 100% Pure Canadian Maple Syrup, $5.69

10. Snacks and Sweets – Storck Knoppers 8pk, $2.99

Scott Tyler, Quality Assurance Director at ALDI Australia says, “we are very particular about what we sell, especially with our limited range of products. Every item passes through a rigorous quality control process to ensure that it exceeds the high standards our customers have come to expect”.

For more information on the People’s Picks Program visitALDI Unpacked.