This is it, this is our last award for 2015. And the story goes like this. We first drove this car shortly after announcing our 2014 awards. We’ve driven it a few times since, and they’ve updated it a little since too.


So what is it that we love about the Jaguar F-Type?

The looks – hell yes, this screams history, it reaks of it’s E-Type cousin, that long bonnet and swooped back. It’s beautiful from every single angle.

The Drive – with all-wheel-drive now available, this is next level stuff, it’s sticks to corners, it hangs out when you want it to and it feels great on a long fast straight or through twisty tight turns.


The Price – bloody oath, this is a vehicle that Turns heads like a Ferrari but costs under $200,000. We’re driving the Supercharged V6 All-wheel-drive at the moment and that’s under $200k – stunning!

Hang on, didn’t you say the Tesla Model S was the Best Car?

Yep, outright, in the field of vehicles, that’s the best car.


But in the dreams of boys and girls who love cars, in the minds of men who are thinking of a mid-life crisis and spending a large sum of money – we have to determine what’s the Best of the Best when it comes to throwing that money at a wall and getting a massive unwipable smile for your face that runs from ear to ear.

To get that, you’ve got to get an F-Type Jaguar. Sen-bloody-sational.


Every time I get behind the wheel of one I remember why I first thought this was a great car, and I can’t see that changing for many many years to come.


For all those reasons above, and because these are my awards to give out – the EFTM Best Award for 2015 – Best of the Best, goes to the Jaguar F-Type.