Another controversial award.  The fanboys of all sides will be up in arms.  So, how does one determine the Best Wearable?  Great question.

Firstly it’s a category of its own – not just Watches, not Smartwatches, this must include fitness trackers and smartwatches at the very least.

IMG_2291When comparing the fantastic fitness trackers from Garmin, Fitbit and Jawbone among others there’s no doubt they are fantastic.  But as a wearable they feel like an add on – so surely the best wearable should replace all others?

Then we get to Smartwatches – there are many, and Apple is far from the first.  LG’s G Watch R, The Huawei Watch, Samsung’s Gear S2 – all fantastic, particularly the latter two.


But Apple has done something the other’s didn’t, and created a genuine App ecosystem, this is where the Apple Watch shines, plus, ApplePay, to be honest, before ApplePay launched I didn’t wear the watch much – but now, knowing I can use it to pay, it’s more often on than off.

There’s a long road ahead for smartwatches, and for wearables in general, and say what you want about the sales of the Apple Watch, it’s doing well globally – it’s the best Smartwatch, and for that reason, it’s our pick for EFTM Best Award 2015 – Best Wearable.