When we drove the Audi Q7 recently we knew it had to win an award. This thing is well styled, well fitted, and most of all is a real sense of luxury without a ludicrous price tag.


Is it the most high-tech car we’ve driven? Probably, but that’s a controversial title to award in this day and age, we think perhaps next year that’s a battle worth fighting.

Is it the best 4WD? Not really – there are certainly more capable off-roaders, but in terms of city based SUVs then it’s probably in with a shot.

But overall, is it the epitome of luxury? Yes. Sure a Rolls Royce is a step above, next level stuff, but lets keep this real. The Audi Q7 is a genuine vehicle on the shopping lists of many, and when it comes to Audi they’ve shown what they’ve got in store across the range as they roll out this functionality to all their cars.

From the luxury fittings, to the high-tech dashboard, it’s got it all. I can’t imagine someone complaining about their 2015 Q7.


For that reason, we’ve given it the EFTM Best Award for 2015 – Best Luxury Car.