I couldn’t help but love the 360fly once I got it going and found some great applications for it, well, in Las Vegas they’ve announced the next generation, 360fly 4K and it’s just what the product needed.

Not only have 360fly improved the resolution, which – while not amazing was still a great viewing experience on mobile via Facebook and YouTube, they’ve also added some nifty features to ensure they stay ahead of the large number of competitors hot on their heels in this huge market.

360fly 4K (PRNewsFoto/360fly, Inc.)

The new image sensor quadruples the resolution of the original camera with 2880×2880 4K quality, which means the entire image is huge, but remember that you’re only viewing a small part of it at any time – so while it won’t be 4K watching it in “VR” mode, it’s certainly capturing a huge amount of visual data.

In addition you will be able to enable a front-facing mode, which means you can use it as a forward facing “action cam” and that will record in 16:9 format in 4K resolution.

They’ve added time-lapse capabilities, and if you’re looking for something for home surveillance the new 36fly 4K will record on motion or audio detection.

For the action nuts out there, if you’re wearing huge ski gloves and can’t touch that tiny little button on the side, a new accelerometer activated record mode means you just shake the camera and it starts recording.

If you’re looking for data while on the slopes or hiking, the 360fly 4K also features built-in GPS sensors to track location, a barometer/altimeter and accelerometer too so all the data you need is captured.

All in all, a pretty great step forward for an innovative product that should make it the one to have for 360 and VR enthusiasts.

No Aussie pricing yet, but expect it to be under $1000, likely close to $900 though.

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