Today at CES in Las Vegas LG announced a line of new products featuring a new refrigerator, washing machine and TV.

The smarter fridge


The latest from LG will feature a window which when knocked on will light up the fridge allowing you to see what is inside without opening the door. This helps energy conservation by not releasing the cool air while also saving you some time. The knock feature looks incredibly cool and worked well when demonstrated.


The refrigerator will also have a neat projection from the bottom of the door to your kitchen floor “OPEN DOOR”. When you move your foot over the projection, a sensor will see your foot and automatically open the door for you. This is fantastic when your hands are full and you need to put something into the fridge.

The fridge will also be built from stainless steel materials, this means a more premium finish but also better materials for keeping the goods inside cool.


The smarter washing machine

LG went big last year with the twin washer system and this year they have expanded on that. A new twin washer has been announced, allowing you to do the whites in one tub and the blacks in another – at the same time. This year you will be able to use this new machine to DRY in one tub while washing in the other at the same time.


The new washer has been redesigned with an aim to be simple and intuitive. The touch screen is built into the glass door and isn’t packed full of buttons. The washer connects to your smartphone too so you can start/stop your cycle but also run diagnostics and set programming with ease.

Interestingly too, LG have added a new dispenser module into the washer. Currently you need to add your powder or liquids in each wash, hope you have enough for that cycle or not too much. This new machine allows you to load a large amount of softener, powder etc and the machine will decide what it needs for that load and will only ask you to keep it topped up – like a fuel tank.


The last highlight of the washer worth mentioning is the new system in the inside, you wont see it but you’ll notice it. The new system has car-like suspension keeping the cycle quiet with less vibration.

The Premium UHD TV

LG has one of the best televisions on the market, the OLED UHD TV. Today, LG announced their latest OLED TV, the G6.


LG set out to eliminate the unnecessary making the TV just 2.57mm thin. LG compared this to the width of “four stacked credit cards”, potentially as many as you’ll need to buy the TV. The backing of the TV is glass and is also capable of displaying art at the back of the TV when not in use. This is only useful if your TV is something you walk around…


Focusing on the TV experience though, the G6 is certified by the UHD alliance as a Premium UHD television and also supports Dolby Vision. Dolby Vision is a new standard in experiencing movies to make the most of your 4K TV. Movies are being released with this codec and Netflix is also onboard in support.


The base of the TV contains the speakers and woofers to ensure that sound quality isn’t poor. If you are wall mounting the TV the base will shift to a vertical position so your audio isn’t lost.


Pricing and availability of these products in Australia is yet to be confirmed however this will be the place to find it once it is known.


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