Look, I know Geoff has very nicely detailed some great Sony products announced at CES 2016, but seriously, I can’t let the day end without saying WOW about the thing I saw when I toured their booth today.


Sony have split their audio into three sub-brands, the Extra Bass, Hear range and Multiroom.

It’s in the Extra Bass range where I saw something that did more than just stand out, it blew me away.

Correctly known as the GTK-XB7, but for my mind it shall for hereon be known as “The Beast” it simply made me think of Paul Hogan as Crocodile Dundee walking into a Party where someone had a desktop Bluetooth Speaker running the party music, looking at the host and saying “That’s not a speaker”, turning and pointing to “The Beast” and saying “That’s a speaker”.


It’s huge.  Sitting 65cm tall, or 35 if it’s laying length ways on its side.

There really is Extra Bass, this thing vibrates the whole room away, and it’s smart, there are three tweeters – but only two are ever active, intelligently switching between them depending which way it’s sitting.


Simply awesome.  At $549 it’s amazing bang for your buck.

Powered from the mains, it’s not portable unless there’s a power point nearby, but you can also play music direct from your phone or USB plugged into the back – or just charge your phone meaning the Bluetooth doesn’t drain the battery.

I love it.

Oh, and those lights, yep, more life of the party stuff, plus a flashing strobe too!

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