I first saw Belkin’s machine to apply their range of Invisiglass screen protectors at CES 12 months ago, then last month in Las Vegas it was on show again with hopes of an expansion in the number of retail outlets offering the application service in addition to just selling the protector – That service is now available at Apple Stores.

Screen protectors are great, there are anti-glare covers, scratch protection and even actual glass film to put over your smartphone glass to give the ultimate protection. But – how many of you have bubbles under that screen protector you applied?

Yep, most people do. The reason is you didn’t clean the screen enough or apply it square to the screen.

Belkin developed a little device that essentially guides the protector on in the perfect place, as well as a system which trained staff can follow to get the best results during application.

This professional service is now available at Apple Stores. Available for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus there are two types of screen protector available which trained staff will then apply using the ScreenCare+ application system.

You can get the Invisiglass, which is essentially a thin sheet of glass which will often crack if dropped instead of the screen, and offers a hardness rating of 9H (one below a Diamond!)

Or the Anti-Glare which helps in bright situations and has an anti-scratch coating.

EFTM understands the application will come at no additional cost if you buy the screen protector at the Apple Store – pretty sweet deal!