I’ve never been more impressed with the picture quality of a TV than when I first set my eyes on OLED. Then when I had the fortune to be able to test one in my own home for a few weeks that was confirmed. The 4K OLED picture is sensational. But I’m not a fan of the curve. Executives within the TV Manufacturers will talk till they are blue in the face about how great Curved is – but for me, it’s a niche market. Today, LG confirmed their OLED was now available as a flat-screen.

OLED-EF950T-(2)-LR_Inscreen_StanLG say the early release of these Flat-panel OLED TVs is due to high demand in Australia, and I can’t doubt that, but it’s also going to give them a huge leap ahead of the 2016 range launch from Samsung, Sony, Hisense and others.

Available now, you’ll pay from $4k up to $9k for the pleasure of this viewing experience.


In just the last 10 weeks LG have sold over a million dollars worth of OLED TVs, so yep, there’s a demand and LG has hopes that the new 65 inch Flat screen will be in high demand.

You’ll find 55 and 65 inch versions of the OLED TVs in both Flat and Curved models packing 4K resolution, as well as a Curved version at 55 inch that’s Full HD.

Make no mistake, if they are in your price range, once you see one you will want to buy it.

Here’s all the pricing:

  • Curved OLED
    • 55EG960T 4K UHD $5,499 (RRP)
    • 65EG960T 4K UHD $8,999 (RRP)
    • 55EG910T Full HD $3,999 (RRP)
  • Flat OLED
    • 55EF950T 4K UHD $5,499 (RRP)
    • 65EF950T 4K UHD $8,999 (RRP)

Our only disappointment is the price – we had hoped (and assumed) that the flat version would be cheaper to produce and therefore retail cheaper than the curve.  It seems that’s not to be.