Gone are the days of complete mystery, replaced by strong and reputable rumours and expectations of product announcements.  Apple has today confirmed what has been a long-held rumour – an “Event” on March 21.

While the date has fluctuated in rumour circles the most recent date was settled on March 21 and has proven to be spot on.

As for what to expect, the invitation as always tries to give a cunning hunt – and “Let us loop you in” does nothing to confirm anything in my view – but let the speculation begin!


It is widely expected that Apple will use the event to showcase a range of new and updated products.

If we’re put on the spot – as we often are in Radio interviews across the country – here’s what we’d be betting on from Tim Cook and the Apple team at the March 21 event.

  • A Company Update – it’s been a while since we’ve had a state of the nation style update on device penetration, iOS update rates, sales vs Android – so I think Tim Cook will kick it off with some “bringing us up to date” stuff.
  • FBI Commentary – while he won’t want to dwell on it, it’s likely Tim Cook would make a comment about the FBI Court case and Apple’s commitment to customer privacy – if not directly, then certainly through discussion of their commitment to device encryption.
  • A new iPad – Following on from the big brother iPad Pro, Expect to see a new 9.7 inch iPad with much of the tech we’ve seen from Apple mobile devices of late.  Certainly Apple Pencil support is a must to really get a next generation device some attention, but perhaps also 3D touch from the iPhone could get some support on iPad
  • A new iPhone – not the iPhone 7 though, this will be a smaller entry-level iPhone.  The almost 3 year old iPhone 5s is still available to buy today, Apple will phase that out and add a new iPhone 6 mini or iPhone SE to the range which will feature that smaller iPhone 5-like screen, but with the processing and graphics power of the 6s to give it a good 2 year live cycle.
  • Apple Watch – don’t expect a whole new watch – just expect perhaps a software update announcement, and some new colours and accessories.

Of course, we could be 100% right or 90% wrong.  We’ll have to wait until the early hours of March 22 in Australia to find out.

The event will be streamed online in Safari and on Apple TV’s no doubt.