When you’ve spent anything from $1000 up to $2500 on a new drone there’s one thing that’s critical – keeping it safe as you lug it around from one impressive flight location to another.  Lowepro have introduced their fully enclosed Drone backpack the DroneGuard BP 450 AW.


This backpack follows on from their original DroneGuard and also draws from some of the design features of that carry case.

However practical the DroneGuard was it was only great for short distances, a walk from the car to location and back for example.  With the BP450 AW you’ve got all-weather protection in a complete backpack.

You could take this as carry-on luggage, or on a reasonable walk or hike without any question.


Inside the accommodation for your drone is loose-fitting and adjustable.  Certainly not the cut foam specialty style many drone owners would be familiar with.

The foam cut option most common in the market today - This is my GPC

The foam cut option most common in the market today – This is my GPC

There are advantages and disadvantages to both – it’s a matter of finding what works for you.


If you’re a frequent traveller, then perhaps the foam-cut approach works for the specialised battery areas well separated, where as in the DroneGuard you’ll need to wrap and pack them individually to satisfy airport security.


However, this bag is lightweight, much easier to open and use, plus comes with specific areas for holding your blades, controller, tablet and a top storage pocket for your odds and ends.


The bags and guides inside are easily moved depending on what drone you have, and the outside offers great knock protection for your precious cargo.

While it looks thin, it has Lowepro’s molded impact protection to offer solid strength from the outside – and the modular approach inside also mirrors the impressive photography cases Lowepro make.


It’s available now at $399 – comparable or a touch more than other solid backpacks, but with the brand and quality you’d expect from Lowepro.

I’d pick this over the GPC I own for my Phantom just for the easy of carry and access to the drone.

Oh, and the back also acts as a landing pad if you’re accurate on the sticks:)