After a month or more of woes Telstra set the shackles free from the Data limits its mobile customers have each month by offering a full day of Free Data on their mobile network yesterday and it seems we love our free data – the usage was up over 40% on the Valentines Day usage.

Consuming  2,686 terabytes of data Telstra customers really sunk their teeth into the network – using 46% more data than on the last Free Data Day on Valentines day – that’s equivalent to 3.4 million HD movies.

A Telstra spokesperson told EFTM “Over a 24 hour period, or 25 hours for those living in states where daylight savings ended, customers downloaded the most amount of data ever on our mobile network. ”

Downloading anything from movies, to streaming and software updates the Free Data day offers a unique chance to take a care-free approach to your mobile usage.

“The previous record of 1,841 terabytes reached on our first Free Data Day was surpassed at 4pm AEST. We reached the peak network traffic level of the previous Free Data Day by 8am and stayed above that level until midnight. ” Telstra said.

Telstra say their network held up well – despite plenty of customer concerns on Social Media about the network’s speed.

“Congestion was to be expected” say Telstra, and it’s not like they offered a day of Free Data at full speed – things were always going to be tough.

“Telstra’s mobile network performed strongly yesterday with millions of customers across Australia taking advantage of Free Data Day.

“We’re glad to see that our customers have been able to access free data all day on Sunday.

“We are also glad to see the underlying strength of the network demonstrated despite a few hot spots where heavy users caused localised congestion. Overall, the majority of customers continued to experience a reliable level of service and we look forward to continuing to provide this well into the future.”

What say you?  Happy with the free data despite the speeds?