Some days you just have to pinch yourself, best job in the world, bloody lucky to do what I do. Today is one such day. Just seeing the Oppo special Lamborghini Find X2 Pro phone would be great, but to have one in my hands, awesome.

You see, what Oppo do is collaboration, partnership. They don’t just slap a badge on something. I’ve seen this before with their FC Barcelona Edition phones. They look amazing. So much so I keep them in their boxes and on display in the EFTM office.

I am grateful to Michael Tran and the team at Oppo for sending me one of a very limited supply of the latest collaboration with Lamborghini – the Find X2 Pro.

My review of the standard Find X2 Pro will drop next week, this is just a post for those who love to look. And for those who long for a Lambo.

Frankly, if I owned a Lamborghini I’d move heaven and earth to import one of these some how (as they won’t be sold in Australia) just to show my brand loyalty.

The box alone is a masterpiece. Opening out with angled hinges that give the same perception as a Lamborghini with it’s doors opened “up”.

Inside, the Find X2 Pro has had a full rebirth. Not just a sticker, a whole new back and camera surrounding.

Golden trim, even a golden button on the side, and a carbon fibre effect seen in the light.

Turn it on and you’ve got a special theme with icons edged with shapes reminiscent of those found on the dashboard, the steering wheel and the flip up cover of the Start Engine button. It’s a brilliant design collaboration.

And it’s not just the phone. Even the accessories are branded.

The USB-C Cable is a metallic golden colour, ready for the latest VOOC super fast charging, there’s a fast-charger for your car, and a cover for the phone which while frustratingly it covers up the majesty of the phone’s back, the case is pretty premium alone.

Then there’s Oppo’s true wireless earbuds with the same blue carbon fibre look, and a Lamborghini badged case.

Just stunning. All of it.

Sorry you can’t buy them here, grateful to be gifted this from Oppo, for no other reason that I appreciate stunning design and great collaborations like this.