OPPO did not launch their flagship smartphone, the Find X6 Pro, outside of China last year and given that it was rated the best smartphone camera in the world that was extremely disappointing. This year there is yet to be any indication whether we will see the Find X7 Ultra in Australia but the latest leak suggests it may be on the way.

Gizmochina spotted a new USB charger making its way through the Australian Electrical Regulatory Authority Council and given the notes on it, its clearance suggests that a flagship OPPO smartphone is on the way.

Source: Gizmochina

We were able to confirm the charger being cleared for use in Australia with the model number VCBBOAAH / A788-110110U-AU1. More specifically, the “tradename” of the charger is SUPERVOOC and even though OPPO are not the only company to use SUPERVOOC (OnePlus, realme are two others) they are the only one with a current presence in Australia.

The charger is said to support a max charging rate of 120W so it definitely not coming in a mid-range or entry-level device leading us to conclude that it will be arriving in the box of a Find device, hopefully the Find X7 Ultra.

Australians are starved for ultra-premium smartphone choices so it would be great to see the OPPO Find X7 Ultra arrive here, especially when the camera looks set to top the smartphone camera rankings once again. Hopefully it is not just wishful thinking on our behalf but with this high end charger clearing our electrical regulator all signs are pointing to yes.