When we saw the news that Disney and Hipster Whale had teamed up to make a fully themed version of the hit app Crossy Road it seemed too good to be true.  A few Aussie developers making a game for one of the biggest entertainment brands on the planet?  Yep, it’s real – and it’s awesome.


I’ve been captivated by this game from the moment it hit my iPhone.  It’s the same addictive endless hopper as the original Crossy Road was, but with all new themes and characters.

If you were more of a “Chicken is fine” and didn’t need any other characters in the original Crossy Road then rejoice, because Mickey Mouse is the new chicken – crossing the roads, rivers, railways and parks to get as far as possible.

The default “Mickey Mouse and friends” theme is very much like the original Crossy Road in look and fee, just with a thin black edge around all the features of the “map”.


Along with Mickey you can play as Donald, Pete, Horace, Mortimer, Polka Dot Minnie, Blue Dress Minnie, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Clarabel, Willie the Giant and two mystery characters.


Then you have the option to switch Disney themes all together.  Zootopia, Toy Story, Haunted Mansion, Lion King, Tangled, Big Hero 6, Inside Out, Wreck-it Ralph.

Each theme has a completely different look, style and even gameplay.  The Toy Story map has items jumping all around in all angles, in a Toy Like world, while Inside Out takes the movie’s theme of collecting  orbs and dropping them into the suction tubes now and then to score points.


It really is a new challenge in every theme, and collecting the characters is fantastic fun.

As with the original you can earn characters just by playing more and more through gifts or trying your luck by earning coins and playing them to win.  It would take a while but the reward is there without an in-app purchase.


Of course, the Crossy Road team didn’t earn their fortune giving away free characters, so all the Disney theme characters can be purchased in-app if you like!

This is a must install on the family devices – great for kids, great for adults, great for challenging your friends.

Disney Crossy Road is available now on iOS through the App Store and Android via Google Play.