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Something strange happened for some Channel 7 Viewers today, and it’s the sign of something big, something very big.  High Definition.

While the Seven Network have not confirmed the what or when, EFTM can confirm what we’ve long suspected – across multiple states – that the channel lineup and content changes have begun across the Seven Network’s Digital TV lineup.

Update: Seven Network have confirmed to EFTM that the new channel 7HD will feature AFL content, so – for those in states where AFL is on the primary channel, it’s a big win.  If the AFL is on 7mate, that’s the channel you’ll get on 7HD:

In Melbourne and Adelaide, viewers will be able to watch Channel 7 in HD on Channel 70. Channel 7 will still be broadcast in SD on Channel 7.

In Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, viewers will be able to watch 7mate in HD on Channel 70. 7mate will still be simulcast in SD on Channel 73.

Just before 1pm today viewers tuned to Channel 70 – a channel that is normally an SD simulcast of the main Channel 7 were greeted by a black screen, then 7mate content.  Yep, Channel 70 is now showing content from Channel 73.  Here’s what it looked like for viewers:

Flick to your EPG or channel lineup and you’ll see in all it’s glory that Channel “70” is now known as 7HD.

The full new lineup is as follows:

  • 7 – Channel 7
  • 70 – 7HD (Currently showing 7mate content)
  • 71 – Channel 7 (SD Simulcast)
  • 72 – 7TWO
  • 73 – 7mate
  • 74 – TV4ME
  • 76 – 7flix
  • 78 – Racing.com

Confirmed on my own LG TV at home:



And by EFTM readers (Thanks Maurizio)


This of course follows 9’s switch to HD with 9HD as an MPEG 4 channel, and 7’s own launch of 7flix – though we’re still waiting to see and confirm what EFTM understands, which is that 7HD channel 70 will also be an MPEG-4 channel available only to newer and compatible TV sets.

Update: We can confirm that 7HD on Channel 70 is an MPEG4 channel, like 7Flix, 4ME and Racing.com – so you will need a newer TV to watch it – though looking at the bitrate they have allocated to it currently, it’s going to be a great picture quality (7Mbps – expect that to be scaled back as that’s a LOT for an MPEG-4 HD channel)

So – could it be that you’ll be able to watch the AFL in High Definition this weekend?  And it certainly means the Rio Olympics will be in full glorious High Definition too!

So, the AFL this weekend in Full HD – but what of the Olympics?  We’ll ask Seven.

For more info on what to see and how to see it, read our previous articles on same.